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Who owns the street?  It depends.

Florida Course Number 9956

(1 continuing education credits)

Instructor:  David Melvin, PLS, CFM

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Note:  Cost = Free to those not seeking credit.

Please note, the webinar is free to those not seeking continuing education credit or electronic file of webinar materials.  For those seeking credit, as a Florida Surveyor or Engineer, and webinar materials the cost will be $50, which can be purchased after the webinar.  Webinar materials include your choice of an electronic version of the webinar (mp4) video or (pdf) of webinar slides.


Webinar Description:

This one hour webinar will explore a question which boundary surveyors are often asked.  The question, Who owns the street?  When the question is asked, they want to know who holds the fee title to the land within the right of way of the street or road.  The webinar will discuss how land surveyors should address this question.




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