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Bldg. Diagram Selection For FEMA Elev. Cert.

Florida Course Number 9911

(2 continuing education credits)

Instructor:  David Melvin, PLS, CFM

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Webinar Description:

Land surveyors routinely prepare FEMA Elevation Certificates.  The elevation certificate form asks many questions and measurements regarding the building, which is the subject of a building permit or flood insurance policy.  Building diagram selection for preparation of FEMA Elevation Certificates is perhaps the single most important and challenging question asked by the FEMA Elevation Certificate form.  The building diagram selection question carries a great deal of liability.  This course will explain why this is true and give instructions on how to reduce professional liability connected with building diagram selection.  The course will also address the lack of understanding of FEMA building diagrams by many and how surveyors should handle the problematic situations which arise.






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Webinar Dates & Time


Tuesday — Oct. 27, 2020

6pm—8pm (ET)


Thursday — Sept. 24, 2020

2pm—4pm (ET)