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Live Presentation Webinar

Boundary Survey Fundamentals

Florida Course Number 7537

(6 continuing education credits)

Instructor:  David Melvin, PLS, CFM

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Webinar Description – “Boundary Survey Fundamentals”

“Boundary Surveying Fundamentals” is a six hour webinar that teaches the fundamental principles and practices involved with surveying land boundaries.   


Course Topics – “Boundary Survey Fundamentals”

Boundary Evidence

Surveying Written Land Descriptions

Conflicting Description Elements

Surveying Sectionalized Land Boundaries

Surveying Land Boundaries by Subdivision Map

Surveying Land Boundaries by Metes and Bounds

Establishing Land Boundaries by Possession


Webinar Objectives – “Boundary Survey Fundamentals”

The objective of “Boundary Surveying Fundamentals” is to present information regarding the principles and practices involved with surveying, locating, and establishing land boundaries.   


Outline – “Boundary Survey Fundamentals”




Rules of evidence

Sources of evidence

Boundaries based on written land descriptions


Conflicting description elements

Original surveys

Identifying an Original Survey

Making an Original Survey

Original Survey Corners

Surveying Sectionalized Lands

Sectionalized Lands Record Research

Proving section corners

Dividing a section into aliquot parts

Surveying by Subdivision Map

Recorded Subdivisions

Unrecorded Subdivisions

Surveying Metes and Bounds Descriptions

Boundaries based on possession

Adverse possession

Statutory Elements

Common Law Elements

Evidence of Possession


Common Law Elements

Evidence of Acquiescence


Common Law Elements

Evidence of Estoppels

Boundaries by Agreement

Common Law Elements

Evidence of Agreement

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Webinar Dates & Time


Saturday — Sept. 26, 2020

8 AM to 2 PM (ET)

Postponed until Nov. TBA