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Live Presentation Webinar

5J-17 F.A.C.

Surveying Standards of Practice Rules

Florida Course Number 9257

(6 continuing education credits)






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Presented by Land Pro Seminars

Con. Ed. Provider (Florida Surveyors & Mappers) License #CE53

Instructor:  David Melvin, PLS, CFM (click for Bio)


The Standards of Practice for Florida Surveyors & Mappers effective on November 13, 2018 say:

(The instructor has selected some of the more controversial elements of the published rule, shown below, to entice attendance at the webinar.  The webinar will also cover the less controversial rules.)


· The accuracy of data shall be independently verified, this is a new statement in Florida’s rule.  The seminar will explore what “independently verified means.

· Data shall be supported with documentation describing the horizontal and vertical accuracy and the methodology used to determine accuracy.  The seminar will address what this means and how it can be accomplished.

· Every parcel of land whose boundaries are surveyed shall be made to conform to the record title boundaries of such land, taking into account relevant requirements of law concerning whether the survey is original or a resurvey.  The seminar we will examine what “record boundary” means and the different methods used in resolving a boundary location.

· Prior to making a boundary survey, the licensee shall perform research of records with sufficient scope and depth to identify with reasonable certainty:

· The location of the record boundaries,

· Conflicting record and ownership boundary locations within, abutting or affecting the property or access to same,

· None of the above is intended to require the surveyor to perform a title search.

· When the results of the survey differ significantly from the record, or if a fundamental decision related to the boundary resolution is not clearly reflected on the plat or map, the surveyor shall explain this information with notes on the face of the plat or map.  The seminar, will discuss the preparation of notes for surveys, particularly “Boundary Surveys”.


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Tuesday — Jan. 12, 2021

8am — 2pm (ET)


Saturday —Jan. 23, 2021

8am — 2pm (ET)