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FEMA / GPS Technology Package

24 hours of Continuing Education Courses

For Florida Licensed Surveyors & Mappers

Package Price = $300

The cost would be $360 if purchased separately.


Conditions of Package Offer:


 Applies only to licensed Florida Surveyors and Mappers, others may purchase courses in the package separately.


 The answer sheet provided must be completed for all 4 courses before returning to Land Pro Seminars for grading.


 Package price is for a PDF file download of course materials (approx. 16 mb). A printed copy of course materials may be mailed for an additional charge of $60 (sixty dollars). To purchase printed course materials please call toll-free 888-537-0006.


Individual Courses in Package

#7437 - Introduction to GPS Surveying (6 Hr.)

#7531 - FEMA Flood Insurance Studies and Maps (6 Hr.)

#7538 - Preparing FEMA Elevation Certificates (6 Hr.)

#9014 - USGS GPS Methods to Establish Vertical Datum (6 Hr.)