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· Letter of Map Change Process and Application

· Types of Map Change  Request

· Typical Outcomes of Change Request

· General Data Requirements

· Elevation Data Requirements

· Compliance Data Requirements

· Riverine  Flood Zone Considerations

· Lacustrine & Ponding Flood Zone Considerations

· Coastal Flood Zone Considerations


· Regulatory Floodway Considerations

· Zone “A” Considerations

· Zone “AO” Considerations

· “Amend-In” Considerations

· Intervening High Ground Considerations

· Metes & Bounds Considerations (Portion of Property)

· Levee Considerations

· “Out-As-Shown” Considerations

Cost = $150

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Live Presentation Webinar

FEMA Flood Map Changes for Surveyors

Florida Course Number 9345

(6 continuing education credits)


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Presented by Land Pro Seminars

Con. Ed. Provider (Florida Surveyors & Mappers) License #CE53

Instructor:  David Melvin, PLS, CFM


FEMA Flood Map Changes for Surveyors is a live presentation webinar which focuses on how to change FEMA flood maps.  The ability to handle floodplain problems is very important.  Since surveyors are typically involved in the land development process, it makes sense for surveyors to learn more about floodplain issues, particularly the correction of flood zone locations on FEMA maps.  Improperly mapped flood zones on FEMA Flood Maps cost property owners and developers a great deal of money. 


Skills which address the changing of flood zone limits are valuable tools in the surveyor’s tool-box.


Seminar Topics Include:














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Land Pro Seminars’ Online Store


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Webinar Dates & Time


Saturday — Nov. 14, 2020

8 AM to 2 PM (ET)