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FEMA Elevation Certificate Issues for Florida Surveyors

Florida Course Number 9861

(6 continuing education credits)

Instructor:  David Melvin, PLS, CFM

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FEMA Elevation Certificate Issues for Florida Surveyors is a six-hour live presentation webinar from Land Pro Seminars. The seminar deals with important issues Florida’s licensed Surveyors have with the elevation certificate form and process. The FEMA form designed by FEMA for elevation certificates and the instructions provided are very confusing and positions a great deal of liability on the surveyor preparing the certification. The incorrect handling of the certificate produces many problems.  


The webinar will also focus on new methods used by the National Flood Insurance Program in the rating of flood insurance and how this new methodology may affect the preparation of information for flood insurance rating.


Seminar Topics Include:

̃ Issues About How to Handle Elevation Certificates for:

̃ Construction Permitting Purposes.

̃ Elevation Certificate for Flood Insurance Purposes.

̃ Issues About How to Find, Use and Represent BFE’s for:

̃ Zone A (BFE undetermined)

̃ Property in Coastal Areas

̃ Property Along Rivers and Streams

̃ Inland Areas near Lakes and Wetland Areas

̃ Issues About How to Control the Improper Use of the Completed Certificate

̃ Issues About the Selection of the Correct FEMA Building Diagram

̃ Issues About the Accuracy of Data Used in Certificate

̃ Issues About Professional Liability Created by Improper Certificates

̃ Issues About the Confusing Nature of the FEMA Elevation Certificate Form



Land Surveyors and Engineers:

There is more to elevation certificates than you may know.  I have spent years in getting to the bottom of all the confusing answers to elevation certificate questions by FEMA and others.  This classroom seminar is a current compilation of my findings to date.  My work continues because the confusion goes on.  This seminar will help you protect your clients and yourself from all the confusion.  The seminar deals with issues regarding flood vents, building diagrams, Base Flood Elevations, flood zone accuracy, and much more.


Author of Land Pro Seminars

“Preparing FEMA Elevation Certificates”:

David Melvin, PLS, CFM

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Live Webinar Dates

Tuesday — December 7, 2021 — 8am to 2pm ET.