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Elevation Certificate

Problems & Solutions

Florida Course Number 9401

(6 continuing education credits)

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Con. Ed. Provider (Florida Surveyors & Mappers) License #CE53

Instructor:  David Melvin, PLS, CFM


Are you sometime puzzled about what the

FEMA Elevation Certificate is asking for?

Does preparing a FEMA Elevation Certificate

remind you of being in a maze?

Are you looking for answers?  Well, here they are!

Course Description


Elevation certificates are prepared throughout the country by land surveyors.

This professional level course exposes existing problems with FEMA’s Elevation Certificate from the prospective of the professional land surveyor. The course focuses on how the elevation certificate can cause problems for the public and the land surveyor.  The surveyor has historically been tasked with preparing the elevation certificate form has been frustrated by many elevation certificate inconsistencies and problems. Techniques and practices presented by this course will reduce or eliminate most of these issues.  Course topics will include, Elevation Certificate Problems, Elevation Certificate Misconceptions, Elevation Certificate Errors, Damage to the Client, and Public, Surveyor’s Liability, Targeted Solutions, and Surveyor’s Goals.


The current FEMA Elevation Certificate form has problems.  Land Surveyors need an understanding of these problems in order to better serve their clients and the public at large.  Misinterpretations and errors in preparing elevation certificates cause mistakes in the rating of flood insurance policies and in the building permitting process.  The objective of this seminar is to present information that will assist the professional land surveyor in preparing FEMA Elevation Certificates, certificates that eliminate problems for the client and reduce the land surveyor’s liability.


This webinar will discuss:

· How the surveyor can tailor the elevation certificate to the client's needs.  One size does not fit all approach.  How to customize the form will be discussed.

· How the surveyor can successfully navigate within the FEMA floodplain management procedures involving the use of the Elevation Certificate for flood insurance rating and community floodplain ordinance compliance. Floodplain management procedures which many, such as insurance agents, builders, compliance officers, and property owners, do not understand. .

· How the FEMA Elevation Certificate procedures fit into the State of Florida's regulatory scheme for Florida's licensed Surveyors and Mappers.  The recording of Florida Elevation Certificates within an agency of State government will be discussed along with the difficulties it brings to Florida Surveyors.







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Webinar Dates & Time


Saturday — Oct. 10, 2020

8am—2pm (ET)


Tuesday—Oct. 20, 2020

8am—2pm (ET)