Land Surveyors and Engineers:

There is more to elevation certificates than you may know.  I have spent years in getting to the bottom of all the confusing issues involved with FEMA elevation certificates.  This course is a current compilation of my findings to date.  My work continues because the confusion goes on.  This course will help you protect your clients and yourself from all the confusion.  The course deals with issues regarding flood vents, building diagrams, Base Flood Elevations, flood zone accuracy, and much more.


Author of Land Pro Seminars’, “Preparing FEMA Elevation Certificates”:

David Melvin, PLS, CFM

Curriculum Vitae

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6 Hours
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Preparing FEMA Elevation Certificates


Course Description – “Preparing FEMA Elevation Certificates – Correspondence”

Approved Florida Board of Professional Surveyors and Mappers – Course No. 7538

6 HR. Continuing Education Credit in General Category

Author:  David Melvin, PLS, CFM


“Preparing FEMA Elevation Certificates” is a six hour course that focuses on the understanding and preparation of FEMA’s current Elevation Certificate Form.    


Course Topics –

“Preparing FEMA Elevation Certificates”

· Field Procedures for Collecting

           Elevation Certificate Data


· Office Procedures for Preparing

            Elevation Certificates


· Building Diagrams


· Using Notes and Attachments to

           the Clarify the Certificate


· Elevation Certificate Photographs


· Flood Zone Determination


· Determining Base Flood Elevations


· Proper Use of Applicable Flood

           Insurance Studies


· Procedures for Areas Without Base

           Flood Elevations






Course Objectives – “Preparing FEMA Elevation Certificates – Correspondence”

The objective of “Preparing FEMA Elevation Certificates” is to present useful information regarding the proper preparation of FEMA’s Elevation Certificate Form.     


Evaluation Method – “Preparing FEMA Elevation Certificates – Correspondence”

A written examination consisting of twenty multiple choice questions will be used to determine if the course objectives have been met.  The student must achieve a minimum of 70 percent correct answers in order to receive Land Pro Seminars’ Continuing Education Credit Certification.


Detailed Outline– “Preparing FEMA Elevation Certificates – Correspondence”




History of the Elevation Certificate

Parts of the Elevation Certificate


Section “A” - Property Information

· Owner’s name, address, property

             description, building use

· Determining Geographic Position

             (Lat. & Long.)

· Taking Building Photographs

· Determining Building Diagram Number

· Collecting Flood Vent Information


Section “B” - Flood Insurance Rate Map Information

· Community Information

· Map/Panel Information

· Indentifying and Plotting Flood Zones

· Determining Base Flood Elevation (BFE)

· Determining Proper BFE Source

· Elevation Datum Issues

· Coast Barrier Resource System Issues


Section “C” - Building Elevation Information

· Building Elevation Issues

· Collecting Elevation Data

· Indentifying EC Elements C2(a) - C2(h)


Section “D” - Surveyor, Engineer, Architect Certification

· Certification of Building Information

· Certification of Flood map Information

· Certification of Base Flood Elevation

· Certification of Building Elevation Information

· Certification of Building Heights


Section “E” - Bldg. Elev. Information for AO and A without BFE


Section “F” - Property Owners Certification


Section “G” - Community Information